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Masks by Visiting Face Painting and Body Artists
Workshops & JamsVisiting Artists Workshops

Visiting Artists to The Looney Bin 2016

2017 Visiting Artists’ Workshops: Internationally acclaimed face & body artists join us regularly here at The Bin to conduct their workshops, here is a list of the talent that we have hosted here at the Bin.

Other workshops will be held including ‘Henna', Design Bootcamp, 'UV Chromadepth',  ‘One Stroke’ Beginners to Advanced, Beginners Airbrushing, Airbrushing Basics, Ballooning, Belly Painting and more

Some of the many wonderfully talented face and body artists that have conducted workshops at The Looney Bin:

Annie Reynolds
Athena Zhe
Brendan Ord
Brian Wolfe
 Chris Davis
Claire Sunderland
Charlie Thomas
Dale Proposch
Diana Cooke
  Dutch Bihary
  Elena Lieu
Janie Fearon
Jenny Saunders
Jessica Watson Miller
Josh Counsel
Juliet Bradford
​Ksenia Dudkina
Laurie Faulkner
​Lindy van Tuil
Lizzie Sharp
Lisa Marie Mackinnon 
  Lynne Jamieson
Margi Kanter
Mark Reid
Matteo Arfanotti
Miguel Angel
  Nick Wolfe
Olga Meleca
Susanne Daoud
​Wendy Fantasia
Wolf Reicherter

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