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Sally-Ann Lynch workshops September 2017
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Sally-Ann Lynch Workshops
11 & 12 September 2017

One Stroke Face Painting

MELBOURNE - Monday 11th September, 2017 at The Looney Bin

BRISBANE - Thursday 14th September, 2017

​Time: 10am to 5pm

One stroke face painting gives incredible results in a matter of seconds and parents and children will give you the oohs and ahs as soon as they see your rainbow cakes and one stroke paints, more will follow when they see the results on the face or body!​

Execution is also quick and means that when you have those endless queues – you will be hearing parents say ‘wow that was quick’ rather than hearing the usual moans and groans.

Sally-Ann will discuss briefly at the beginning of the workshop with each student what it is they wish to achieve from the class and she can also give you some great tips to help increase your business potential throughout the workshop.

In her class she will be teaching you the quick 3 minute designs to the more complex and beautiful 5/7 minute designs and you will see a difference in your earning in no time.​

You'll be shown how to detail your designs with brushes such as the liner brush which will give your designs a much more whimsical appearance and less contrived and controlled.  The parents will also love this as the liner brushes means less heavy line work, so bath time does not pose so much of a problem when washing away.

You will all be working from my Sally-Ann boards so do not worry if you do not like your face to be painted.​

The class will move nice and quickly as Daisy, Sally-Ann's daughter, will be at hand to swap the boards around and get them washed and also be on hand to help.​

What to bring with you: small kit including one stroke paints and brushes, a small towel is crucial and your water pots​, plus your lunch.

Full Face Designs

MELBOURNE - Tuesday 12th September, 2017

BRISBANE - Friday 14th September

​Time: 10am to 5pm

This class is going to show you how to execute a lot of one stroke full face designs without the use of a sponge.  This includes designs for boys and girls and there are no faces that cannot be executed using one strokes. It will therefore include tigers, cats, spiderman, batman and more. Sally-Ann will also include Christmas designs as we move forward to Christmas.  

You'll also been shown how you can move your creative skills to thinking smaller animal designs on the forehead, rather than executing big full faces such as elephants and monkeys which can prove a difficult task and parents will love you when they realise how easy they are to wash off at the end of the day.

Cost: 1 workshop $195 or 2 workshops $380
Bookings are Essential:  Go to Australian Body Art Awards ABAA to make your bookings.
What to bring with you: small kit including one stroke paints and brushes, a small towel is crucial and your water pots​, plus your lunch.



All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST. Colours are a guide only and may not appear exactly as the product.