Bling Workshops Part I &/or Part II

Bling Workshops - Beginners & Beyond
with Amanda Wintle


Part I - Wednesday, 25th July 2018

Beginners/Foundation Skills:- basic workshop covers materials,  tools,  fabric paint comparison, templates vs free hand,  how to design and build bling and application.  

Time:   11am to 2pm
Cost:   $100 includes small starter kit, base grid & templates, 
inspiration images,  access to a variety of gems, paints to work with and class notes. 


Part II - Thursday, 16th August 2018

Beyond Beginners:- will cover a quick rundown of basic info,
use of silicone moulds, use of air-dry clays for horns & add-ons, how to make horns, use of fashion/tit tape, designing for
different areas such as décolletage, arm bands & pasties.

Time: 7pm to 10pm
Cost: $100 includes starter kit, base grid & more templates, more inspiration images, access to a variety of gems & paints to work with, premade horns, air-dry clay and class notes. 

What to bring: thin or needle nosed tweezers, thin or manicure scissors, pen knife or xacto knife,  and cutting mat. 

Special price for attending both workshops is $180

Bookings Essential:

email to or phone 9753 6023