American Face Painter - Spring 2009

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American Face Painter Spring 2009 is a full colour newsletter with step-by-step photos of spring face painting designs from American face painters.
Contributing artists are Jodi Carr, Mark Reid, Leah Reddell, Canadian guest Cathy Corbet, Lynn Shimek, Lisa Smiley and Lena Toney. Lena is also our cover model.  There are 11 full colour step-by-step spring face painting designs including Easter. Includes:- Dino Hatchling, Spring Rain Princess, Spring bear, Leaping Lamby, Chocolate Bunny, Spring Rainbow, Baby Blue Blossoms, Spring Daffodils, Racing Rabbit, Springtime Froggie and Cherry Blossoms.

Size 8.5" x 11" 16 pages including cover 11 step-by-step designs.