DVD: Easy To Learn Fun Tricks by Chris Morant

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Chris Morant - Variety Entertainer, presents a 40 minute DVD teaching you a variety of fantastic circus tricks to amaze your friends and family with! 

DVD Features lessons on:

  • Scarf/Bag Juggling
  • Ball Juggling
  • How To Make Juggling Balls
  • Magic Tooth Pick
  • Rubber Pencil
  • Mind Reading
  • Mime And Magic With No Props
  • Feather Balancing
  • Plate Spinning
  • Poi Spinning 

Chris Morant is a Variety Entertainer who travels the World performing as Characters, and in Shows from family events and festivals to large scale Casino Gala Shows and Cruise Ships. He has an Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences and has a background in personal fitness training, his favorite quote is it is anyone can put paint on canvas, however it is the way you put the paint on that makes it artistic.

“I wasn’t expecting to see anything new, but that was Unbelievable” - Danni Minogue

“My Kids thought Chris was Wonderful!!” - Jo Cross