FPA 50g Edging Cake #2 Combo Cake

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These BRAND NEW Edging Cakes are designed to be used with smaller angle or flat brushes! Use these cakes for your line work instead of a boring old single colour round brush! Use them for adding accents and extra blingy bits. Take your designs to the next level with these mini adjustable onestrokes. 


  • Essential Lemon Chiffon
  • Essential Mint
  • Essential Deep Ocean
  • Essential Stormy
  • Essential Black
  • Essential Mid Blue
  • Essential Cupids Bow
  • Neon Magenta
  • Essential Yellow 
  • Essential White


A favourite for professional face & body artists worldwide! FPA is a highly pigmented, water-based, vegan-friendly, Australian owned face & body paint available in Essential, Metallix and Neon ranges. 

Internationally acclaimed artists Dutch Bihary, Jenny Saunders, Kristin Olsson, Lynne Jamieson, Nick Wolfe, Sally-Ann Lynch and Sarah Asker all love to paint and create with Face Paints Australia.

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