Illusion Issue 13

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Winter 2010

  • Cover artist Sean Avram talks about his obsession with dragons and shares with Illusion specially created dragon designs as well as two stunning step-by-steps. Not only did Sean create an original front cover but a first for Illusion, he is also the back cover artist too.
  • Brady Neher shares his love for painting on dolls as well as humans! Causing shudders of horror from the Illusion team, this feature is a must for die-hard fantasy artists.
  • Nick Wolfe talks about his need for originality and his designs will certainly make you laugh.
  • Fans of one stroke painting will love to read about Claire Howkins and her journey into one stroke painting. This new approach is challenging more traditional face painting techniques.
  • Pashur back from his workshop on the waves cruise tells Illusion his love for face painting and shares inspirational designs for us all to try.
  • It wouldn’t be Illusion without plenty of step-by-steps and this issue includes 12 designs for you to add to your repertoire.