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ProAiir Dazzle DIPS White - Looney Bin Products

ProAiir Dazzle DIPS White

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ProAiir Dazzle DIPS Waterproof Brush On Makeup - 1 oz (30 ml) Face & Body Singles

DAZZLE your customers with these wonderful metallic brush-on waterproof colours! Ready to DIP and go.  This water resistant make up is great for line and dot work. This is a metallic formula and will fade a little faster than the standard DIPS because of the weight of the metallic pigments.

ProAiir DIPS is a concentrated pigment, alcohol-based, highly durable hybrid formula created for use on skin.  Unlike traditional Cake makeup, DIPS will withstand extreme conditions like warm temperatures, sweating, water, rubbing and other activities that would normally lead to deterioration.  Although much more durable than cake makeup DIPS is not permanent and will dissolve naturally over time.  Removal is easy with a LIQUID SOAP or Baby Oil applied directly over the design.  Use DIPS for line work over cake makeup, powders, hybrid airbrush base paint or directly onto the skin.  DIPS has the consistency of acrylic paint so it is thicker and easier for brushes to pick up for perfect water resistant line work.

You may need: mister bottle with 91% alcohol and small plastic sealable pallets for blending and loading brushes.


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