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Sally-Ann Lynch Practice Board - New Charlotte Board

Sally-Ann Lynch Practice Board - New Charlotte Board

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New A4 (210 x 297 mm - 8.3 x 11.7 in) Charlotte Board - perfect for practicing on and displaying on social media with your work.

This is our brand new three dimensional board created by our fabulous new designer Ellie McGuffie we are so lucky to have her on board. Our full colour range of boards are created using real people and this allows artists to develop their face painting skills using anatomically correct face structures. Also it is lovely to be able to relate the people we use as occasionally we post their images and a little follow up story about them.

To clean the boards we have lots of videos on our business page via Facebook called Sally-Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested.

Please use a good quality bathroom cleaner for strong colours and use dry on the board and wipe away with a good quality piece of kitchen paper/towel.

Charlotte is from Australia and her mum is the talented Elaine Goh who you should follow.

Sally-Ann Lynch Training Tried & Tested practice and display boards have become a instant success around the world for many many face painters. The boards can be used over and over again and can be simply wiped clean with just hot soapy water. No stains should occur if the washing guidelines are followed and these can be found via Youtube under Sally-Ann Lynch. 

You can use these boards to practice your designs on over and over again or use them for displaying your work. 

You can send them off to potential Clients and this will make any professional face painter look extremely professional.

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