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ProAiir DIPS

ProAiir DIPS is a concentrated pigment, cosmetic alcohol-based, highly durable hybrid formula created for use on skin. Unlike traditional cake makeup, DIPS will withstand extreme conditions like warm temperatures, sweating, water, rubbing and other activities that would normally lead to deterioration. Although much more durable than cake makeup, DIPS is not permanent and will dissolve naturally over time.   Removal is easy with LIQUID SOAP or baby oil applied directly over the design. Use of DIPS does require some learning to perfect technique, but the results are worth the effort! Use DIPS for line work over cake makeup, powders, hybrid airbrush base paint or directly on skin. DIPS has a consistency of acrylic paint so it is thicker and easier for brushes to pick up for perfect water resistant line work.
As a reference one bottle can do between 120-140 spiderman designs ( detail line work only).
WHITE is heavily concentrated with EXTRA pigment and may require a stir stick in the beginning to thoroughly mix all ingredients. 
You may need: misting bottle with 99% alcohol and small plastic sealable pallets for blending and loading brushes.
Tips for use:
  • Give DIPS bottles a thorough shaking before use – burp bottles afterwards to release pressure.
  • White requires more shaking; you’ll hear it thicken the longer you shake.
  • Apply to skin that is clean of lotions, oils and dirt.
  • Dispense DIPS onto a small, sealable pallet to avoid spilling and to slow the drying process.
  • Thin DIPS with alcohol to achieve desired consistency and to alleviate cracking.
  • Load brush from pallet, misting with alcohol as needed to thin, blend or reactivate dried makeup.
  • To create new colors, combine multiple DIPS or DIPS with ProAiir Hybrid on a pallet.
  • Keep DIPS sealed when not in use to avoid thickening or drying; reactivate with alcohol as needed.
  • Pink may stain the skin, apply a white undertone to prevent it.
  • Try a kabuki Brush.  
  • WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to learn more. 
Tips for cleaning brushes: 
  • Do NOT use water!
  • Either allow to dry naturally (reactivate with alcohol when ready to use again) or rub LIQUID SOAP thru bristles and wipe clean with paper towel. Say goodbye to messy water cups.
ProAiir DIPS is the battlefield makeup to combat extreme conditions!