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ProAiir Ink

Temporary Tattoo Ink

ProAiir Ink is alcohol-based temporary tattoo ink manufactured in the USA using only FDA-compliant ingredients. ProAiir passes all safety standards set forth by an independent, third-party, US-based laboratory and is certified as "skin safe". Contains the fragrance of green apple.

ProAiir is water-resistant and durable for 5-7 days when applied correctly. Airbrush ProAiir Ink at 18-20 PSI without clogging or fogging. ProAiir Ink can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil when desired.

Please note, ProAiir Temporary Tattoo Ink is recommended for TATTOOS ONLY and is not recommended for full face and body painting. We recommend using ProAiir Hybrid makeup for those applications as removal is much more gentle (with liquid soap). Results will vary with skin types and applications.