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Products for Beginners Face Paint Course

We have put together some product suggestions based on the list below. Please get in touch with us if you need help getting your products together before the workshop.


List of essential products used during the classes:

  • 12 colour palette of Face Paint or cakes. (Recommended Brands: Face Paints Australia (FPA) or TAG)

  • Brushes: 2 x Round Size 2, 2 x Round Size 4, 2 x Angle Size ¼ inch, 2 x Flat Size 1inch.

  • 4 x plastic water jars or a Brush Tub.

  • Sponges: 3 x ½ sponges (pink), 1 x pack of mini ½ sponges and 1 x pack of Butterfly sponges.

  • Glitter: 1 x Poofer bottle of Crystal Mint cosmetic loose glitter and 1 x Essential Glitter Balm. Eg: Glimmer, Icicle, Platinum or Over the Rainbow.

  • Pack of Baby Wipes, Hand Towel, and a bag for rubbish.

  • 2 x 50gm FPA cake: Outback and Serendipity.

  • 2 x 28gram one stroke combo cakes of your choice.

  • 4 x Finger Daubers or Make-up Blenders.

  • Stencils used for Class #5 on 30th August: Fairy, Superheros, Dinosaurs, Shell, Unicorn, Scales, Mandala and Stars.