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NO TOE by Josh Counsel of Toxic Image. 

Full Coverage & G String foam latex crotch covers for body painting.
(Female only - 'NO NADS Male Crotch Cover' coming soon...)

This soft foam latex cover is designed to create a full nude look whilst still providing important coverage for the model.

FULL COVERAGE: This means that it removes the intergluteal cleft creating the illusion of leggings, underwear etc. It allows 2 inches on either side of the anal cleft which meets minimum public decency statutes in most cities.
It is also great for painting things like jeans where the wedgie look undermines the final illusion. 

THONG BACK: This means that it provides the minimum possible coverage exposing the buttocks. Many artists like this design as it gives a more nude feel allowing the more purist artists to still have that naked look.

Apply with ProsAide, remove with a solvent ie Myristate or Super Solve.

Must follow instructions that are included with NO TOES.




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