Sparkling Faces Ultimate Face Painting Guide - COLOURFUL & FUN DESIGNS - Elodie

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Check out this amazing face painting guide to mastering colorful & fun designs, brought to you by the one and only Elodie Ternois!


Colorful & fun designs included:


Rainbow & unicorn, fairy, ice queen, pumpkin, spider, dragon, skull, dolphin, reindeer, realistic unicorn.


Elodie is an award-winning face painter and an international instructor from France. She is well-known for her adorable cartoony-type face paintings, full of bright colors and sparkly glitter. Each one of Elodie’s designs is a unique piece of art, which is admired by artists all over the world. Much of her work has been featured in magazines, one of them even on the cover page of the French magazine “Couleurs”. In this “Colorful & fun designs” step-by-step collection, Elodie shares her tips and tricks with you, to help your skill level blossom and bloom.


To top it all off, the world-renowned airbrush artist, Wiser Oner from the USA, has created a set of absolutely amazing stencils, which will add a wow-effect to each of your designs.

Simply select which design you would like to master, place our clear practice board over top, and paint! As you follow Elodie’s incredible designs and flow, your muscle-memory will begin to kick in. Test out what you’ve learned by moving the clear board on to the face chart to see how much you can remember. Take photographs of your completed work, and create one-of-a-kind menus which can be displayed online, or in print.

The surface of all Sparkling Faces boards is designed with a unique relief texture, so that your brush will glide across the surface easily with the gentlest of friction. No frustrating slipping to be had! For best results paint on the textured side of the board.


Your new practice board can be very easily cleaned with liquid soap and water. More stubborn stains can be removed by very gently rubbing them with a magic eraser and some sunflower oil. Make sure to wash your board with liquid soap before using it for the very first time to help break it in.


Would you like to see Elodie painting the design? Well then have we got a treat for you! This incredible artist filmed a detailed tutorial for each of her colorful & fun designs from the collection. Simply scan the QR Code supplied with your order, and enjoy her artistic magic! 


This brand new product has been carefully tested, and has achieved excellent results! We are proud to offer this face painting guide to you, and we know that it will be an incredible investment to your face painting business.

Have fun, and happy painting!




Texts, images and videos in this guide are subject to copyright protection law and may not be copied or displayed online or in print without permission of Sparkling Faces.





Brushes Used:


Filbert Nr 8

Blender Nr 10

One Stroke Nr 20 (1’)

Round Nr 0, Nr 1, Nr 2

Angle Nr 10 (3/8’), Nr 12 (1/2’), Nr 16 (3/4’)





Decoding QR Codes requires nothing more than a mobile phone or tablet and a QR Code Scanner that is installed on that device. These QR Code scanners are free to download in all App Stores. To scan your code, simply launch the App and wait until the camera automatically detects it (cover up QR Codes you don’t need with a piece of paper, leaving just one out). Within seconds you will be watching Elodie Ternois painting as if she were sitting directly in front of you, in your very own private one-on-one virtual workshop!