SPARMAX Airbrush 0.5mm - Gravity #SP.SP575

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This suction feed airbrush is perfect for painting areas of a larger size and where fine detail is not required. The use of larger bottles ( up to 112 ml sold separately) allows the user to paint larger areas with the need to refill the paint cup. Fast colour changes can be achieved by simply swapping bottles.

T shirts, automotive graphics, larger hobby / model projects, RC planes are all perfect for this versatile airbrush.

  • Features a 0.5mm Nozzle and Needle combination
  • 2 different sized bottles included 22ml and 80ml
  • Easy to swap between colours when speed is essential
  • Great for T-Shirt painting, automotive, hobby, cake and makeup applications



Product Spray Scale Action Optimal Working Pressure (psi)
SP.SP575        0.5        Dual            20


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