FPA 28g Kristin Olsson Duo Stroke - Jacaranda

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"I fell in love with FPA the very first time I tried them. They have such a wonderful collection of colours that are just beautiful to work with! I was truly honoured when I was asked to collaborate with them, and I am so excited to finally present my very first collection of colours." 

"And for those who know my art, you also know how much I love painting flowers. There are so many beautiful colour combinations out there! However I was struggling to fit all the colours on my smaller brushes, and again, my cakes would wear down unevenly. I found myself experimenting with how I could solve this problem, so after a lot of testing and experimenting I came up with the Duo Strokes. Not only are they versatile and beautiful, with different colour combinations depending on which side of the cake you use - you can also use a large brush for a beautiful and unique colour combination."

- Kristin Olsson



Essential White

Essential Lilac

Essential Purple

Essential Light Blue

Essential White